Scratching resources for your cat

POSTED 3 years ago BY admin

A variety of resources should be made available to your cat for scratching purposes.  Consider the location when distributing these resources in the household.  Your cat will wish to be in an area where the family often spends time, so having scratching options in these areas is important.  Considering that this location may be where a large portion of the family upholstered furniture is as well, means that having lots of acceptable scratching surfaces for your cat here becomes critical.

Also consider that your cat will want a place to scratch where it can see the outdoors.  A scratch-able perch with a view of the birds in the yard will quickly become a favourite place.

Consider the types of surfaces and experiment with these with your cat.   Most cats prefer an upright, STURDY scratch post, but available alternatives can be beneficial.  Some cats will prefer horizontal surfaces.  The actual surface type preference will vary from cat to cat.  Surfaces such as carpet, sisal carpet, rope, cardboard, and tree or tree bark are all options your cat may wish to try out.

Experiment and learn what your cat prefers, but don’t forget that as they age, their preferences may change.  Always keep a variety of scratching resources, and offer new options as your cat grows and ages.