The war between the veterinary profession and the passionate welfare advocates. The declaw debate.

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My very good friend Karen called me yesterday to borrow some battery juice. She has found her second calling in life as a feral cat rescue lobbyist and welfare reform advocate and wanted my thoughts on declawing and why it is so impossible to find affordable help from the veterinary community for the multitude of rescue organizations she is trying to assist? She had spent enough time entrenched in the horror reality of cat rescue to become bitter about how my side was crippling the efforts to get where she wanted cat welfare and critical medical needs to be.

The conversation started as they always do… we reminded each other how much we needed each other, how hard we were working and how the road blocks never seem to lessen, soften, widen, or cease.

Karen has made numerous trips around the country visiting rescues, organizations and other role models for feral cats in the hopes she can pick up some of the tips and tools of their successes to carry back home to her own backyard  for the benefit of New Jerseys over whelming under served misplaced community cats. She is a woman on a mission and she has gumption, intelligence, and resources. I admire and adore her.

Her dilemma du jour was causing her ulcers to erupt. She was curious and reluctantly pessimistic to see what my opinion and stance on declawing was? I could hear the trepidation and despair in her voice as she muttered, “I cannot believe this ban might actually stall in NJ? The veterinary association and even my own vet, who I have known and trusted for years, is opposed to the ban. How could anyone be opposed to this ban?” (see more on NJ’s proposed ban here)

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