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Welcome to the Proclaw veterinarians of Canada website! You have probably found us by searching for information about declawing or onychectomy in Canada. You might be a veterinarian looking for more information, you might work in a career with cats, or you might just be one of many lucky ‘someones’ who live with cats. No matter your relationship with cats, we welcome you!

The Proclaw Veterinarians of Canada is an organization started by Dr. Kelly St. Denis in Ontario Canada. Dr. St. Denis’ experiences as a veterinarian and feline specialist opened up concerns to her about the feline surgical procedure known as declawing. Declawing leads to many short-term and long-term medical consequences. As cat lovers, we all need to be aware of these changes that occur.

Cats have normal scratching behaviours that are necessary both to maintain healthy nail structures as well as to mark their territory. When we understand these behaviours, we are better able to direct our cats’ scratching targets.